Classroom experience “Bingata”

We Do the classroom experience of “Bingata” traditional craft of Okinawa. Memories, gifts,etc… Okinawa Tourism. Bingata enters your name can make!

Classroom experience is by appointment.Please come on the reservation in advance.

We have to prepare before entering staff to pre-dyed.


Time         Contents of experience            Fee

Course 30 minutes     Coaster           1,000 yen

Course 120 minutes     Wall (A4 size)        2,000 yen  Frame sold separately (market price 4,500 yen ~)

Course 180 minutes     Tapestry           3,000 yen


※ Reservations are required at least one week before the day of the classroom experience.

※ If you wish to Bingata personalized, please enter your name in alphabetical is CONTACT form.

※ small group classroom experience is (up to 6 people).Reservations for your early is better.



classroom of BINGATA

Classroom Bingata held for anyone who wants to learn to techniques in earnest Bingata more.

Please feel free to contact so you can also visit the classroom.


It is recommended for those who like this.

○I want to be a professional Bingata!

○ be able to produce even one Bingata yourself!

○I want to experience all of the production process Bingata!

○I want to make your own work!


■Help to foster professional from (Basic) beginner.■


Free admission fee

5,000 yen monthly tuition fee (another actual cost material cost)


Class every Monday

Time PM13:00~PM16:00

Location is “Asano community center where Urasoe City” (25-2, 1-chome, iso Urasoe Okinawa)


Class on Thursdays

time Early AM9:30~12:30

time Late PM14:00~PM17:00

Location is “SOMESENKA” (3-16-7 Kakazu Ginowan, Okinawa Prefecture)


■The main course content■

■Classic design pattern consists of design, original

■Place glue from paper production, the basic techniques, such as to feed Bingata color

■Creating works of classic design pattern, the original

■Plant dyeing using natural plant


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